Courtside Surgery

Courtside Surgery Kennedy Way Yate Bristol BS37 4DQ

Clinics & Services

Treatment Room

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8.50 am – 11.30 am
Some afternoon appointments are also available. Services provided include dressings, blood sampling, ear syringing, ECGs, immunisations, holiday vaccinations (including yellow fever) and travel advice.


These are held throughout the week and more information about the clinics listed below is available from reception

This clinic is run by the midwives at the Westgate Centre, Yate. If you become pregnant, you will need to arrange a booking appointment by ringing the midwives on 315355 during office hours.

At your booking appointment the midwife will ask you a few questions and carry out some general health checks. You will be seen regularly throughout your pregnancy.

Child Health & Immunisation
Mondays 2.00 pm – 3.30 pm
All new babies are invited for regular check-ups from eight weeks old.

Minor Surgery
Tuesday 1-2 pm
Minor operations can be done in our treatment room. Please discuss this with your doctor who will then arrange for you to be given an appointment.

Nurse Services
Asthma, cervical smear, contraceptive services, diabetic, heart disease, hypertension, stop smoking, stroke and health checks for all ages. Our nursing team provide specialist advice and support in these areas.

Other Services

  • Private Osteopath
  • Private Physiotherapist
  • Private Counsellor

Sickness Certificates

You do not require a doctor’s sickness certificate for any illness lasting seven days or less. Your employer may however require you to complete a self-certification form (SC2) which is available from your employer or at our reception or on the HMRC website.

For any illness lasting longer than seven days you will need to see the doctor for him/her to issue a sickness certificate (F.med3) and for any subsequent renewal of the certificate. If your employer insists on a sickness certificate for 7 days or less a charge will be levied.

Specialist & Hospital Care

If a GP or another member of our health care team believes you need hospital treatment or specialist care elsewhere, they will offer you the choice of where you would like to go so that you can be referred appropriately.

If you are referred through the Choose and Book system you will also be able to book your own appointment at a time that suits you.

Non-NHS Fees & Charges

Courtside Surgery is able to provide our patients with these additional services which are not covered by the NHS and which will incur the following charges:

Courtside Surgery is able to provide our patients with these additional services which are not covered by the NHS and which will incur the following charges:



Access to records under Data Protection Act Charge
Computerised records up to £10.00
Manual records or combination of manual/computer records up to £50.00
40 p per page
Administration Charge for sending by recorded delivery £8.00
Certificates and forms Charge
Private Sick Note (any sick note within 7 days is private) £15.00
Driving licence photo/Passport form/photograph/Care Commission report/Seatbelt exemption £25.00
Letter re fitness to exercise, travel, blue badge etc £30.00
Provident Association and any other insurance claim forms £30.00
Health Certificate to attend university, college, teacher and nurses training/Fitness for sport, school, university, etc/ Dentists, completion of Application for first registration of a dentist (GDC) £70.00
  PADI Fitness for Diving Medical Statement £45.00
Medical Examinations and Reports Charge
Full medical and report, HGV, PSV, PCV. LGV £90.00
Taxi driver medical £70.00
Elderly driver examination £70.00
Private Medical Examinations and Reports Charge
Full examination with report or certificate £169.10
Private examination (30 mins) £113.00
Report on Pro-forma (20mins) £70.00
Private examination (15 mins) £56.00
Travel Abroad Charge
Fitness to travel certificate or letter £30.00
Prescription for drugs required solely for purpose e.g. Malaria tab £13.50
Vaccination certificate £16.50
Holiday cancellation simple certificate £17.00
Holiday cancellation insurance claim £30.00
Simple letter detailing prescription medicines £17.00
Mental Capacity Certificate/Power of Attorney Charge
With examination £124.00
No examination £61.50




Hepatitis A – first injection (2 injection course) No Charge
Hepatitis A – second/booster injections administration charge No Charge
Hepatitis A Junior – first injection (2 injection course) No Charge
Hepatitis A Junior – second/booster injections No Charge
Hepatitis B (3 injections per course) For employment £145.00/course
Hepatitis B for travel £90/course
Yellow Fever – includes cost of vaccination and administration £55.00
Japanese B Encephalitis –private prescription and administration £15
Meningitis A CWY –private prescription and administration £15
Typhoid No charge
Cholera No charge
Rabies  –private prescription and administration £15
Tick Borne Encephalitis –private prescription and administration £15

Notes :

Some Travel Vaccines are provided free of cost under the NHS. Some are not and are charged privately.




Private Consultations  
Private consultation, overseas visitors £35.00
Private Home Visit + mileage at 0.60p per mile £110.00
Blood tests Charge
Diagnostic (not including lab charges) £17.00
Paternity Testing 1, 2 or 3 samples £37.50/75/90





Adoption and Fostering Charge
Form IHA Initial Health Assessment £58.12
Forms M, B Obstetric Neonatal reports £44.95
Forms C, D, YP or AME Full examination of child £97.91
Form AH Health assessment, Prospective carer £73.86
Form AH2 Update report, parent/carer £24.36
Childminder (Ofsted health declaration form) £84.50

Examination of children in /for care-first exam

Subsequent exam



Freedom from infection for children for care £24.36
Employment – Private Charge
Full medical with report or certificate (private/insurance – 45mins) £169.50
Report without examination (private/insurance -30mins) £109.50
Report on Pro-forma (20mins) £73.50
Extract from records (no examination or opinion -15 min) £55.00
Certificate of Incapacity £25.00
Fitness for sport, school, university, etc Charge
Examination and report £132.00
Report no examination £55.00
Short Certificate of Incapacity £15.00
Insurance (Sickness) Charge
Examination and report £169.10
Report no examination £56.00
Certificate of Incapacity £15.00
Insurance (Accident) Charge
Examination and report £148.00
Report no examination £98.50
Report on pro forma (20 mins) £66.00
Extract from records £49.00
Short certificate £14.50
Life Assurance Proposal Charge
GP examination own patient £92.50
GP report no examination £84.00
GP supplementary report £21.50
BUPA, PPP, WPA, Private medical insurance (PMI) Charge
Report on prospective subscriber PMI – Extract from records 56.00
Completion of Form 113.50
Full medical exam and report 169.50



Private Consultation, Overseas Visitors Patient £35.00
Private Home Visit + Mileage At 0.60p Per Mile
Blood Tests Who Pays Charge
Diagnostic (Not including lab charges) Patient £17.00
Paternity Testing 1, 2 or 3 samples Solicitor £37.50/75/90