PPG Minutes 15th Dec 2021





Mike Garett ( chair), Jean Poole ( vice-chair and secretary), Dr V Smith, Richard Marshall, Lee Atkins, Cindy Garett, Tess Munden, Rob Munden, Lee Davitt, , Trudy Gwatkin, Becky Corbett-Pitman, Sharon Shaw, Kerry-Dee Harding, Mike Woodward, Maureen Woodward


Mike welcomed everyone to the meeting


Dave Powell, Barbara Bird, Niki Marshall

Approval of previous minutes

Tess Munden, seconded Rob Munden

Matters arising from previous minutes

  • PPG leaflet revision – Lee D had sent Richard the previous draft to see if it could be prepared in an more up to date format. Unfortunately, other priorities have not enabled Richard to review it yet. Richard to report back at next meeting
  • NHS app – prescription ordering. This appears to have been resolved and a number of those present had successfully ordered using the app
  • VPPG update – A few more patients have expressed an interest in the last few weeks but only one had replied to the welcome message. One of those had requested to attend a committee meeting and details of this meeting were forwarded with an invitation.
  • Patient survey – Richard had not yet managed to contact NAPP for examples and asked if someone else might be able to do that. Mike/ Jean offered to look at taking that forward via the NAPP member forum.
  • Practice information booklet revision -this is being reviewed and Richard will arrange for a draft to be sent to the PPG for comment

PPG issues

  • Covid booster programme update – Richard explained that more than three thousand patients had become eligible under the new guidance and approximately half of those would have received their booster by early next week. Some cross referencing with the NHS central booking site was required to ensure appointments are not wasted. The 15 minutes wait following Pfizer vaccinations was no longer required which enables the surgery to see more patients at each clinic.

Courtside issues

  • Staffing update – the surgery had advertised for some additional salaried GPs but no applications had been received as the competition is tight. One of the advanced nurse practitioners (Vee) will be leaving In February to take up a post elsewhere. Staff recruitment options will be reviewed in the New Year, to reflect the overall practice needs. A new frailty / housebound service has been started and will eventually be developed to cover the local area alongside the community team provided by Sirona. It’s hoped that a paramedic will join the team to enhance the skills of the new service. An experienced receptionist (Jess) is leaving at the end of December to take up a new NHS opportunity. Kerry will take over her position as receptionist team leader. The practice pharmacist ( Anna) will be leaving soon and a replacement is under discussion.
  • Car park lighting improvements – the lights were update on 11th December and are now more efficient and less obtrusive.

AOB items

  • Patient seating – a number of patients had remarked that the chairs were too low for them. It was agreed that the furniture needed to be reviewed anyway as well as considering the needs of “bariatric” patients and those with mobility issues.

Date of next meeting

Wednesday 16th February 2022 at 6.45pm