Loop System

There is a Hearing Loop in reception for use by people with hearing aids and the building has been designed and decorated to make it easier for people with visual problems. We have a disabled toilet and baby change facilities.


Blind / Partially Sighted

If you or family members are blind or partially sighted we can give you a large print of our practice leaflet upon request. Please ask Reception for further information.

For more advice and support for blind people please see the following websites:


Assistance Dogs

Courtside Surgery is committed to providing services that are equally accessible and responsive to all sections of the community.

To that effect, Assistance Dogs are welcome to have access to all areas of the Practice with the exception of any high-risk area.

This policy is intended to facilitate the best interests for Assistance Dog users, the Assistance Dogs themselves and our staff.

All Practice Staff should have a clear understanding of the Assistance Dog Policy and be aware of the different types of support provided by Assistance Dogs and the support needs of Patients when the Patient or visitor has been separated from the Assistance Dog. It is important that staff recognise the Assistance Dog is a working dog and should try to minimise distractions.

Other Pets

No other pets should be bought onto the practice premises without prior agreement with the practice as this may pose an issue for other patients, staff or visitors. Agreement would need to be sort prior to each potential visit with notice to allow the surgery to contact staff and patient’s also due to be at the practice. If agreement has been sort and sactioned by the practice the owner is responsible for their animals behaviour and should ensure that it is correctly controlled. Staff can request that the animal is  removed at any point if it is causing distress, disruption or harm to a patient, staff member or visitor, which may mean that the patient/owner needs to be prepared that this may mean missing or cutting short their appointment.

Further Information:


Other Disability Websites