PPG Minutes 17th April 2023, 7pm





  • Jean Poole ( Chair and secretary)
  • Dr Vicky Smith
  • Rob Munden
  • Tess Munden
  • Richard Marshall
  • Lee Atkins
  • Sharon Shaw
  • Kerry Harding
  • Rebecca Corbett-Pitman
  • Mike Garett
  • Cindy Garett
  • Dave Powell
  • Ann Tunstall 


Jean welcomed everyone to the meeting including a new member, Ann



  • Barbara Bird
  • Trudy Gwatkin
  • Lee Davit
  • Mike Woodward

Approval of Previous Minutes

The minutes of 27th February were approved by the group


Matters Arising From Previous Minutes

  • Social prescribing feedback to GPs – feedback arrangements will be taken forward for discussion across the local network  – ongoing.
  • Staff training on Dementia Awareness – although not mandatory , training is available via a 45 minute on-line session and staff will be able to complete that when resources allow – LA to update at next meeting 
  • Jean mentioned that the Alzheimer Society Dementia action week is from 15th May , so increasing the understanding of the condition across the practice team is helpful
  • Advance care planning – the group agreed that raising the awareness of decision making options, DNAR protocols and “power of attorney” processes would be a useful topic for future public events. Input from a local solicitor and possibly a geriatrician would be helpful. – JP to discuss with other PPGs and RM to mention at PCN meetings with a view to an early Autumn session
  • Dr Smith advised the group that the current “Respect” forms used within the practice were being updated to record patients specific wishes where advised
  • PPG chair network meetings – another meeting has yet to be arranged. – JP to follow up 
  • Appointment availability – things had improved despite the recent retirement of GPs with some same day appointments available on line 
  • Nurse and HCA appointments are now more available with the new team established. 
  • Covid vaccination clinics – these are being held on Sat 22nd/ Sun 23rd April for over 75s and those with specific medical conditions. As before PPG volunteers will be assisting

PPG Issues

  • Appointment non – attenders – following a query from a member of the group, the policy was explained. Should a patient be a frequent non attender , then they may be followed up informally or receive a letter. The group agreed that the practice should do what they could to ensure appointments are kept. 
  • PPG members validation- Jean advised the group that 6 patients had requested to join the PPG in recent months but had not responded to the welcome email. Their details have now been deleted from the PPG records. However, Ann had recently joined and was attending her first meeting.
  • PPG awareness week – this will run from 31st May – 6th June. It was agreed that no specific action was needed within the surgery apart from ensuring PPG leaflets were readily available for both newly registering and existing patients. 
  • NAPP newsletters – these can contain some interesting articles and Jean will continue to cascade the information to PPG members. The group discussed recent articles about “ responding to challenges” and having open Q&A sessions with patients. It was felt that the surgery had sufficient processes in place to consider patient’s views and concerns as well as the active PPG. 

Courtside Issues

  • Staffing update – no new staff had joined the team since the last meeting
  • Care navigation process – a review of the process is being undertaken to standardise the information taken on first contact by phone or at reception to ensure onward signposting is fully utilised where appropriate eg Pharmacist, specific service. A choice of a face to face or telephone consultation are offered when appointments are requested. 
  • Some work is being developed about the ongoing monitoring of specific groups eg diabetic or asthma patients which has been number driven in the past. Some surveying of patients is likely to be involved and PPG support would be welcome.
  • Carers – the practice want to do more to identify and support carers especially those who may not see themselves as being in that role. It was agreed that an event with representatives from the Careers centre, Age UK and other organisations would be helpful. – JP/ RM/ Dr S to discuss , ongoing
  • Surgery entrance – the information boards in the entrance lobby and around reception are being reviewed 
  • “Living better longer” – the surgery will be participating in this study , led by Dr Appleton – more information to follow


  • Printing of prescriptions – the group were advised that Shaunaks pharmacy will soon stop printing prescriptions every time medication is dispensed , to be more environmentally friendly. However, patients can request a copy if required.
  • Blood test appointments – following a specific query, it was confirmed that specific blood tests could be carried out in the surgery to support procedures or appointments being carried out elsewhere eg outpatient follow up  , where necessary. This was particularly helpful for those patients with complex health needs to minimise the need to travel.

Jean thanked everyone for attending


Date of Next Meeting

Monday 5th June 2023 – 7pm