PPG Minutes 5th February 2024, 7pm





  • Jean Poole (Chair and secretary
  • Dr Vicky Smith
    • Ellie Bakhda
  • Rob Munden
  • Tess Munden
  • Dave Powell
  • Mike Woodward
  • Maureen Woodward
  • Ann Tunstall
  • Trudy Gwatkin
  • Lee Davitt
  • Becky Corbett-Pitman
  • Dr Andrew Appleton (part)

Welcome: Jean welcomed everyone to the meeting

Apologies: Mike Garett, Cindy Garret, Sharon Shaw, Kerry Harding


Approval of Previous Minutes

The minutes of 11th December were approved by the group


Matters arising from previous minutes

  • Advance care planning – item to be covered later in the meeting
  • New telephony system – some positive feedback was given by the group and the suggestion that voicemail would soon be available for the specific prescription and referral teams when taking breaks , was welcomed. A concern was raised about the call back process which would be followed up. – Ellie to check audit trail on a specific case
    • Subsequent to the meeting – the following information about number of calls received by the team was supplied
      • December – 6969 calls over 19 working days
      • January – 10023 calls over 22 working days
    • The development of a more detailed “script” to assist the reception/ care navigation team both on the phone and the front desk reception was discussed. – PPG members to assist if required As part of the GP improvement programme initiative, the duty doctor would be located close to the main reception area wef 12th February to assist with queries as necessary. – feedback to be given at the next meeting
  • Hospital letters – it was agreed that although letters being received were not always addressed correctly, the appropriate clinician would always action them. No follow up action on this point was therefore required.

PPG issues

  • New members validation – 8 names had been removed from the list of those who had expressed an interest in the last few months, but had not replied to the PPG welcome email. The email group stands at 20.
  • Measles- Dr Smith confirmed that there were no known cases in the area. However, the vaccination uptake could be improved so a catch up programme is underway. This would include relevant patients up to age 30.
  • Healthwatch – the local team have a “drop in “ shop in the Galleries in Bristol should anyone wish to visit. A leaflet explaining “Changes at your GP surgery” with feedback from a recent patient survey had been circulated to the group electronically. Copies had been ordered for easier reading, although it was noted that the response to the survey across BNSSG was very small. Courtside already provided the majority of specific healthcare professional services mentioned and many of the concerns raised by patients responding had been or were being tackled as part of service improvement measures – Jean to consider inviting a speaker to a future meeting

Courtside Issues

  • Staffing update – A new GP will be starting later this month providing 5 sessions at the end of the week. Both the Physiotherapy and Mental Health services within the surgery will have extra resources shortly. A vacancy for a full time receptionist is proving difficult to fill.


Advance Care Planning

Dr Appleton joined the meeting and explained his involvement in developing an area wide system for sharing information across NHS services together with the expansion of the ReSPECT documentation. ( Recommended Summary Plan for Emergency Care and Treatment)

This documentation brings together information to provide an emergency care plan which would include patient’s wishes regarding specific treatment and resuscitation choices, care at end of life preferences as well as details of powers of attorney that may be in place.

The updated electronic format ( ReSPECT Plus) is currently in use in GP surgeries, community and hospice services, as well as the out of hours service. It is about to go live across the Ambulance service. Although Acute Trusts can view the information , they are not yet able to update the information.

The group agreed that a public information session across the PCN would be extremely useful and it was hoped to arrange this for Spring. – Ellie to advise PCN managers and to liaise with Dr Appleton and Jean to work out dates and publicity.

Jean thanked Dr Appleton for his time and input which had proved extremely interesting.


Date of Next Meeting

Monday 25th March 2024 – 7pm