PPG Minutes 7th August 2023, 7pm





  • Jean Poole (Chair and secretary)
  • Dr Vicky Smith
  • Rob Munden
  • Tess Munden
  • Lee Atkins
  • Dave Powell
  • Ann Tunstall
  • Lee Davit
  • Mike Woodward
  • Maureen Woodward
  • Rebecca Corbett- Pitman


Jean welcomed everyone to the meeting



  • Mike Garett
  • Cindy Garett
  • Sharon Shaw
  • Kerry Harding
  • Trudy Gwatkin

Approval of Previous Minutes

The minutes of 5th June were approved by the group


Matters Arising From Previous Minutes

  •  Advance care planning – the meeting agreed that engaging patients other than privately was difficult , but the surgery would look at having an appropriate leaflet display available  - Dr S to follow up
  • Appointment availability – things had improved and appointments for most services were available, but currently more difficult during the leave period. Things are expected to improve with the appointment of a new GP and 2 new GP trainees shortly.
  • Care navigation  - The ICB ( Integrated Care Board) are currently reviewing the data provided by the practice and this will help identify any issues regarding capacity and use of specialist roles including pharmacists.  Dr Smith to feedback information at the next meeting 
  • Role of healthcare professionals within the practice – it was agreed that more information about these roles needed to be made available to patients – Dr S to discuss with Anna ( IT manager) 
  • Carers information board and support for carers– following the presentation at the last meeting , an information board regarding support available is now up and running in the waiting area. Also leaflets could be made available at the flu clinics. – LA to arrange. As well as the notice board, it was agreed that the information link on the surgery website needed to be reviewed - Dr S to discuss with Anna 

PPG Issues

  • Complaints procedure – some of the references within the current documentation may need updating following some changes to the procedure. Patient complaints are still managed by the practice in most cases – LA to review 
  • GP survey results – The latest results were encouraging and were generally an improvement on last time , especially the contacts with the reception team. Any areas for further improvement within the services will be highlighted and worked on within the team. 
  • Discover Me study – invitations to participate in this study had been sent to a wide range of patients ( approx. 9000) , not just those with specific health conditions. A number of the group had been invited and had already signed up. Details can be found on the Discover Me website 

Courtside Issues

  • Staffing update – a temporary practice manager (Jaqueline Rudge ) started last month pending the new manager Ellie Bakhda starting in September ( Apologies for the error on the June minutes where Jacqueline was shown as the new GP not temporary  practice manager) . A new GP, Lydia Hawkins will be starting at the beginning of September. 2 new GP trainees are also starting shortly. It is also hoped that a new physician associate will be starting in the Autumn who will work as part of the frailty team alongside Sarah the care co-ordinator. 
  • Flu / Covid clinics – flu clinics will start at the end of September (Saturday mornings 23rd/ 30th) and invitations for those eligible will be sent out shortly. PPG volunteers will be asked to assist with marshalling as before – JP to send out request  No information is available about Covid vaccinations as yet. 


  • GLP-1 injection shortages – patients who are impacted by the national shortage of this drug (used to help manage diabetes), are being contacted to discuss their health management regime. 
  • PPG new members – there has been an increase in patients expressing an interest in the PPG so the numbers on the contact list has increased. Anyone can express an interest when they first join the practice or via the leaflets available in the surgery ,as well as the form on the website. Everyone is welcome. The PPG is a member of the National association (NAPP) which provides a news bulletin and information forum. Information is sent regularly to both the practice manager and PPG chairperson and useful information is circulated – Dr S to confirm 2023 membership has been updated  
  • The surgery patient numbers now exceeds 15,000 and is still growing due to the housing expansion in the area 

Jean thanked everyone for attending


Date of Next Meeting

Monday 9th October 2023 – 7pm  ( to include chair’s report and election of officers)