PPG Minutes 9th January 2023





  • Jean Poole (Chair and Secretary)
  • Dr Vicky Smith
  • Rob Munden
  • Richard Marshall
  • Lee Atkins
  • Trudy Gwatkin
  • Sharon Shaw
  • Kerry Harding
  • Dave Powell
  • Lee Davit
  • Rebecca Corbett-Pitman
  • Chidinma Ibemere (new member) 

Guests: Cristiana Cimpoeru (Surgery Pharmacist), Philippa Gale (Age UK) 



Jean welcomed everyone to the meeting



  • Tess Munden
  • Mike Garett
  • Cindy Garett
  • Mike Woodward

Approval of Previous Minutes and Notes

Approved Kerry Harding, seconded Sharon Shaw


Matters Arising From Previous Minutes

  • Practice information booklet revision –  a hard copy of the latest version was now available for final checking. JP to review and advise RM of any comments.
  • New members – names of potential new members continue to be received with 6 joining the email group since November which is encouraging.  There are now 12 on the email PPG group and another  attending the meeting with a view to joining the committee. 8 other names have been deleted following no response to welcome email. – ongoing 
  • Appointment availability – recent recruitment to the clinical team will allow for some revision of appointment schedules and it is anticipated that access to appointments will be made easier including on line. However , this will take a while to settle and the current pressures were acknowledged by the group. - ongoing 
  • Social prescribing feedback to GPs – it was agreed that a feedback arrangement needed to be developed and it should be addressed across the local network. – RM to take forward.

PPG Issues

  • Membership update – details were covered in matters arising. Long serving member (Margot) has withdrawn from the committee but remains on the email group. A new member was welcomed to the meeting. 
  • Although not a Courtside patient, the case of a child obtaining a prescription from a pharmacist (for a fee) as they were unable to access a consultation at their practice was discussed. The group were reassured that the team at Courtside work hard to ensure urgent NHS prescriptions are issued as appropriate and such an occurrence would be unlikely, especially giving free NHS prescription entitlement . 
  • Staff training – given the numbers of patients with disabilities within the practice list , Richard was able to confirm that the staff undertake mandatory training to support those with specific needs. Patient records are noted accordingly. It was agreed that Dementia awareness training is one of the priorities and that given the turnover of staff in recent years , an up to date training session would be useful. – RM / LA to follow up 


  • Cristiana Cimpoeru – (Surgery Pharmacist) – explained her role which includes medication reviews, checking discharge letters, patients needing medication options eg. liquid versions and safety alerts. 
  • Philippa Gale (Age UK) – explained the services offered by the charity for over 50s, including Activity day centres, Walking project, Digital champions and opportunities for volunteering. Dr Smith felt that there were a number of patients that might benefit from the services and would share the information across the team. It was agreed that a display of leaflets and posters in the surgery would be helpful. – RM to arrange

Courtside Issues

  • Staffing update – Dr Turner had now retired. Dr Bayly will be retiring in March. New HCA staff had been recruited together with a physician associate. There were also upcoming changes to the doctors training within the practice. 
  • Flu/ Covid vaccination clinics – the clinics were well received although the uptake of flu vaccinations for those 18- 64 with underlying health conditions has been disappointing, despite the recent rise in flu cases. Reminders have been issued together with a Facebook post to try and increase uptake. 
  • It's likely that the 2023 flu programme will be restricted to over 65s and those with underlying health conditions, rather than extending to 50+ as in 2022.
  • Kings fund – given the current media discussions around GP practice arrangements, it was suggested that useful information can be found on the Kings Fund website for those wanting to understand more.  


  • BRISDOC - NHS 111/ Out of hours service – Patient reference group. The remit and membership of the group was being reviewed and Jean hopes to be attending a meeting in February to discuss the way forward. 
  • Home monitoring after hospital discharge – one of the group had recently been discharged from hospital with a Doccla kit to provide specific and frequent monitoring updates to the hospital team ( in this case Respiratory) and local nurse support team. The kit is easy to use and provided reassurance for the patient and family over the Christmas period. The kit can be used for different conditions and allows patients well enough to be discharged home with appropriate support and is being trialled locally. 

Jean thanked everyone for attending especially the guests and new member 


Date of Next Meeting

Monday 27th February 2023 – 7pm