How to Request a Home Visit




In cases where you are too ill to attend surgery, a home visit can be arranged. If a visit is required, please telephone the surgery before 10:30 wherever possible. This enables the doctors to plan their workload efficiently and avoids the possibility of two doctors having to drive separately to the same part of town or the same village.

Please help us to help you. A home visit is very time-consuming so we respectfully ask that you only request a visit if no other alternative is available. Remember that you are likely to be seen more quickly if you can attend the emergency surgery than if you wait for a home visit.

Home Visits Image

On average we can see four or five patients at the surgery in the time taken to do one home visit. After midday, there is only one doctor on duty for visit requests. These “late requests” should be restricted to unforeseen emergencies or problems that could not reasonably wait until the following day.